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ResMed Stage 2

ResMed Stage 2 is the office complex of the Medical research giant located in Greater Sydney.  The building has a diversity of environmental demands with its open office plan, training rooms and many employee facilities.

Power is available 24/7 to the site via the mains power or back up the generator, which forms part of the network of the Automation System. 

Resource usage strategies are employed via information gathered through MODBUS power meters at each MCC and the measurement of other vital utilitise-water and gas.  Further enhancing the resource usage efficency of the complex are the heat reclaim strategies and the and lighting optimisation strategies.


  ResMed Stage 2

QUAD 4 - Homebush
5 Star Green Star & 5 Star ABGR
Integrated HVAC/Access Control/Lighting

QUAD 4 was the fourth and final stage of the QUAD development built by Bovis Lend Lease at Homebush Bay.

The Control System is an integral component in delivering the 5 Star Green Star and 5 Star ABGR ratings for BLL.

DAC offered a total solution to the project that incorporated energy control, passive chilled beam technology, water monitoring, power monitoring, access control, boom gates, lighting control and Web enabled software. 

The integrated solution provides the benefits of installation efficiencies; information sharing over the common network and event triggering to ensure the building is catering to the end user.  There is no High Level Interface, Gateway or data format conversion between the systems, thus removing interoperability headaches and technical support issues for the future.

The solution was engineered for future tenancies of the building providing a true Web server that enabled 20 con-current authorised users to access the system at any one point in time.  The system backbone throughout the building was installed with tee off points providing future tenants connection to the base building Access Control and Automation Systems.

  QUAD 4 - Homebush