dac controls the nerve centre of the built environment


Moore Theological College

Moore Theological College has a number of buildings located on their campus at Newtown.  The campus had a failing Control System and an aging Access Control System.

The Facilities plant equipment was brought under control by the installation of an integrated Building Automation, Access Control and Monitoring System. The effiecncies gained during installation flowed onto other benefits including better energy management, alarm/event management, Access Card allocating/management, information sharing and overall control of the many facilities from a single seat of operation.



60 Miller St

60 Miller St North Sydney is a primly located office tower in the North Sydney business district.  The facilities management team was adamant that there would be no disruption to tenants.  The close co-ordination between sub-contractors forged a tight program that included the removal of the ceiling Friday night allowing unrestricted access to the underside of the slab.  Pre-engineering and planning ensured the controls could be mounted and commissioned on newly installed VAV boxes.

Sunday night saw the re-instatement of the ceiling so that the building would be ready for tenants Monday morning.