dac controls the nerve centre of the built environment


Westfield - Bondi Junction

The Westfield Bondi Junction Building Automation System was installed during the refurbishment of the complex in the early 2000'.

Although not involved during the implementation of the BMS, Doust Automation & Control were contracted by Westfield to address the poor performing system and the excessive energy usage.

The BMS was given a complete upgrade.  The network was reconfigured and re-wired proving the stability Westfield expected.  The controlled points were re-tested providing Westfield confidence that the correct controlled points were operational.  The code was re-written to provide the plant operation and control Westfield needed.



Bay Village Shopping Centre
Bateau Bay, NSW

Bay Village Shopping Centre has had a Doust Automation & Control system installed within the facility for over 10 years.  Our relationship with the Centre has grown and remained strong throughout the constantly changing demands that Shopping Centre face.  The Automation System has been ugraded to offer the increased features needed to operate the facility.  The Automation system has also been expanded to incorporate additional plant equipment and increased control of the utilite, to deliver greater energy efficienices to the complex.