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Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

The City of Sydney’s Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre is located in Ultimo, Sydney.  This complex incorporates an energy conscience passive roof ventilation system.  Under favorable external conditions the vents open to allow natural convection to exhaust heat .  The external conditions are monitored and reported by two roof mounted weather stations.

The Building Automation System interfaces to water treatment, Duress Alarms, Sauna rooms and lift systems.

The energy used by the complex is monitored through MODBUS power meters located throughout the complex.

*photo supplied by the City of Sydney



Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club
Coffs Harbour, NSW

Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club has housed a Doust Automation & Control BAS for many years.  Recently the facilities manager employed our services to incorporate energy management strategies.  DAC completed an audit and analysis that recommended plant and control strategy enhancements that are being implemented by the facilities management in stages. To date this has provided a significant reduction in power over the winter season with the expectation of further savings.