dac controls the nerve centre of the built environment


Gosford Hopsital

Gosford Hospital expanded its health services capacity to address the expanding population of the Central Coast.

To remove the issues relating to proprietary system “lock-in” a BACnet system was specified for the new stages of the mechanical services. 
As could be expected, a Hospital extending its capacity would have legacy systems and interfaces that required cut over to any new Automation System.  DAC showcased its technical capabilities by engineering a high level interface to the incumbent paging system, protecting the investment of the Hospital.



Bourke Hospital

Bourke Hospital is testament to DAC’ ability to complete remote projects.  As the name of the project alludes the project is in Bourke and the successful Mechanical contractor was situated in Coffs Harbour.

DAC completed the project as specified and went onto provide remote access and support via the Internet.  Further to this, DAC is providing on site service to the Hospital.