dac controls the nerve centre of the built environment


HVAC Control Systems

If a facility has mechanical services an automation system will be a benefit.  Automation will add intelligence into the facility and provide tools to aid the operation of the facility.  This can be as simple as one control panel or as advanced as a complete networked solution gathering information from all systems and sub-systems installed.

Energy Management Systems

Energy is needed to operate most facilities. 

Energy is expensive. 

Energy costs are not expecting to reduce.

dac has the experience, knowledge and application ability to provide Energy Efficiencies to a large part of the industry.

Alarm Management

Individual Facilities are faced with individual demands on the Management Team and individual expectations of the tenants.  This is evident by the increased demand for facilities to operate beyond traditional operating hours.

Correct management of alarms works for the benefit of the stakeholders through early warning on and/or off site.

Access Control Systems

Movement of people traffic through a facility provides valuable operational information to facilities operators.

Our software allows seamless integration of HVAC and Access control over the one hardware platform, thus illuminating any requirement for HLI’ or interfaces. This seamless integration allows all information sharing providing many benefits to owners, operators and tenants.

Engineered Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions offering is the vehicle for dac to approach building owners and managers operating issues.From simple to complex -Engineered Solutions will listen to the issues and provide solutions based on on-site investigations, our knowledge and the application of that knowledge.