dac controls the nerve centre of the built environment

System Management / Service Management


Most purchased items need to be supported.  If the purchased item is considered an investment and/or an asset, it should provide ongoing benefits.  To ensure assets return the greatest benefit, it would be considered wise to ensure ongoing support is available.  DAC offers the largest variety of support plans in the industry and they are ALL specifically designed with you in mind...our client. 

Health Checks

We know...Everyone hates Health Insurance but if you're going to be responsible for the health of your building and in turn, your clients, wouldn't you want to know if something wasn't working as it should be?

Is your system under a management scheme?

If not, how do you know how healthy YOUR system is right now? 

Would a report from DAC informing you of how “Healthy” your system is, be of value to you?

An unhealthy system may be providing an unhealthy environment for your occupants and we all know where that can lead to...


Calibration and ongoing calibration of an Automation System is essential to ensure optimum performance of a system and help to maintain the buildings ratings. 

A device 'out of calibration' can manifest itself in unnecessary operation of plant equipment.  Unnecessary operation of plant equipment can result in additional operational costs, shortening the lifecycle of plant items, a poor NABERS ratings, a decreased asset value and dissatisfied stakeholders.


Just because the plant has always operated that way does not equate to that’s the way it should always operate.

Optimising a system may be as simple as reviewing the schedules, it may require changing the location of devices or it may be addressed by an engineered solution – Optimising should start with existing systems within the facility. DAC will work with clients to gain the greatest performance a facility has to offer, with the installed equipment.  If the equipment has not existed beyond its lifecycle, it should not be replaced. 

Call Out and Repairs

The demands on the correct operation of a complex/building have never been more intense.  Buildings comprise of many moving components that operate and interact with other systems and sub-systems.  Failure to operate or respond can have a cascading effect on tenants and operating costs. 

Our service department is dedicated to service the  control systems under our care, ensuring the life of the installed control system serves the building. 

System Upgrades

Upgrades and system enhancements can provide additional benefits and features to a system that may address the changing needs of tenants, users and owners. dac will listen to your needs and provide a wish list to offer benefits according to your budget.